"I am thrilled with the program. It is a new and powerful tool in my study of Chinese."
—Jos Spapens

"Big thanks for the software! I just started learning Chinese here at the UN, and your program is just what I need. It lets me follow up what I learn in the classroom and then explore further."
—Nikolai Galkin, United Nations

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Stepping Stones Lesson Two

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1. Translate the following dates into English:

    三月八日                rollover for answer:

    六月十八号          rollover for answer: 

    七月四号                rollover for answer:

    九月二十五日     rollover for answer:

   十二月十四号     rollover for answer:

2. Translate the following phrases into English:






If you can complete these exercises, congratulations! You are well on your way to mastering the most commonly used characters in Chinese. Once you're ready for more, come back and try Lesson 3!