Chinese Vocabulary List Converter Applet

This Clavis Sinica applet converts a Chinese vocabulary list into a vocabulary review sheet including Chinese characters, pinyin pronunciation, and English definition. You can create a custom Clavis vocabulary list from any text file automatically using the Clavis Sinica software, or you can create a list manually using any Chinese word processing program. The list should include one character or word per line, and be stored in .gb or .txt (simplified Chinese) file format.

To use the applet, simply select a Clavis vocabulary list file on your computer and press Display. The corresponding vocabulary review sheet will appear in a new browser window.

(If the applet does not appear in the space above, your browser may not have the proper version of Java Plug-in installed. If you have not yet downloaded the plug-in, you can download it for free by clicking here. Be sure to select the option for Additional Languages support in order to display Chinese characters correctly.)

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