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We receive dozens of email messages each week from users of Clavis Sinica software products. We value user feedback and try to respond within a day to every message we receive. A selection of emails from past customers can be found on our message log page.

Questions about the program that come up regularly are added to the Frequently Asked Questions page, which includes a section on common technical issues.

Suggestions for new features or other improvements to our products are taken very seriously and are added to our upgrade list for subsequent versions. Each new release of our software has incorporated suggestions from users, and our products have improved tremendously over the years as a result. So please keep those comments coming!

Email Address:

Postal Address: Clavis Sinica | 1465 King George Blvd. | Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA

Telephone Number: To order Clavis Sinica by phone, see the Ordering page.