"The more I use the program the more I enjoy it. I've found I can be fast enough with the compound look up while listening to KAZN to actually follow close behind and my listening ability has just leaped ahead."
—Frank Lauran

"I am thrilled with the program. It is a new and powerful tool in my study of Chinese."
—Jos Spapens

"Your software is by far the greatest Chinese learning tool I've seen, and I am so grateful to you for making available at a reasonable price to the general public."
—Peter Hammond

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Site Licensing Information

Two types of institutional site license are available for Clavis Sinica 5.0:

Standard, Permanent Site Licenses

Standard, permanent site licenses for the program are priced according to the number of public workstations on which the program will be made available to users within an organization, whether by means of a direct hard-drive installation or network access. This type of license provides for installing the program on computers in language resource centers, libraries, and other public computing sites. The license for 251+ installations also permits the use of the program on computers owned by current members of the organization (including students and teachers). Licenses for fewer than 251 installations do not provide for the use of the program on privately owned computers.

The pricing of the standard site license is as follows:

Number of Workstations Site License Cost
2-10 $250
11-50 $400
51-100 $550
101-250 $700
251+ $850

Two copies of the program CD and printed documentation are provided with every standard site license purchased; additional copies are available for $10 each.

Subscription-based Site Licenses

Subscription-based site licenses provide for individual and institutional access to a time-limited, downloadable version of the program for all members of an organization. This type of license permits the installation of the software on any number of public workstations as well as on personal computers owned by faculty and staff members. The version of the program provided under this arrangement expires at the end of the subscription term, and is no longer usable after this time.

The pricing for subscription-based licenses is as follows:

  • One-semester license (up to six months): $350
  • One-year license (up to twelve months): $600

In addition, students currently enrolled in any institution that has a current site license of either type are eligible for a 30% discount on their purchase of personal, non-expiring copies of the program.

We accept institutional purchase orders as well as payment by check or credit card. For additional information or to place an order, please send email to orders@clavisinica.com.