"Thank-you for the great software! It makes learning chinese an awesome experience."
—Robin Yeh

"Thanks for a great program; Clavis Sinica is really helping me keep my language skills up-to-date. I really appreciate the fact that it runs relatively painlessly on my Mac."

"I have been using the program for about 5 months now and I have moved from knowing a little over 2,000 characters to consistently scoring 3,000 or more on your on-line character test. More importantly I have finally moved from reading intermediate texts to on-line news I find on the WWW. Your program has turned out to be an amazing aid. I am now a huge fan!"
—Brent Nelson

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Program Features

Text Reader

The Text Reader allows you to:
  • Display and read any Chinese text without the need for a dictionary
  • Text Reader
  • Copy, paste, and study Chinese texts from websites or other applications
  • View pinyin and English for any Chinese word
  • View the usage frequency of any character to prioritize learning
  • Switch easily between simplified and traditional characters
  • Create custom vocabulary lists from any Chinese text for later study and review
  • Hear any Chinese word or phrase pronounced in a native Chinese voice

Analytical Dictionary

Dictionary The Analytical Dictionary allows you to:
  • Search database of 40,000 entries by pinyin, radical, stroke count, or English word
  • Analyze characters into radical and phonetic parts & view lists of other characters using the same parts
  • Display lists of all compounds and phrases using a given character in any position
  • Learn new vocabulary words through their relationships with previously studied words
  • Add new words to dictionary and edit existing entries

Flashcards Tool

The Flashcards Tool allows you to:
    Flash Cards
  • Master commonly used characters
    and radicals using built-in flashcard sets
  • Review custom vocabulary lists created automatically from any Chinese text
  • Choose between Chinese-English and English-Chinese test modes
  • Hear the pronunciation of missed words
  • Create new flashcard sets from words missed on a previous test
  • Track your progress with automatic
    scoring feature

Vocabulary Manager

Personalized Vocabulary Management features:
    Vocabulary Manager
  • Character Inventory Manager tracks your progress in mastering each character that you've ever looked up or studied
  • Character inventory statistics window shows how many characters you've looked up and how thoroughly you've learned them
  • Daily Review tool sets up customized character review sessions for you each day based on which characters have given you trouble in the past and when you last reviewed them
  • Built-in Chinese Character Test assessment tool allows you to estimate how many characters you already know

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