"I received my copy of Clavis Sinica already, and after looking at it must say that it is as good as I hoped: a very useful piece of software at a very affordable price. Thank you again for your quick service and this fine learning tool."
—Paul Fendos

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Chinese Text Reader Applet

The Chinese Text Reader applet should now appear on this page. If you do not have the Java Plugin installed on your computer, you'll need to download it before you can run the applet.

Once the applet appears in the grey box below, you can click on any character to view the pronunciation and meaning of the character and the compound word, if any, of which it is a part.

You can view other texts using the reader on our Chinese Voices Project pages. Just click on the "Read and Hear" link for your selected story. For example, click here to view the text for the Chinese Voices Project story on Beijing's traffic situation.

This applet is only meant to demonstrate the basic Text Reader functions of Clavis Sinica. In the real program, you can double click on any character to access a wealth of additional information, including its component structure, lists of other characters using the same components, and a list of compound words using the same character.

Please see the Program Features page for complete details.