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—Jos Spapens

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—Nikolai Galkin, United Nations

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Stepping Stones Lesson Six

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1. Translate the following sentences from Chinese into English.

a.  农夫不能获得食物了。

b.  两只兔子撞死了。

c.  我每天都种地。

d. 田边有五棵大树。

e.  农夫一点食物都没有。

f.  天天都要守这棵树。


2. Translate the following sentences from English to Chinese:

a.  The rabbit that crashed and died is under a tree at the edge of the field.

b.  Rabbits can’t see trees.

c.  The farmer expected to grab a rabbit.

d.  I can’t get past this tree.

e.  The rabbit doesn’t have even a little bit of energy anymore.

f.  The time passes day by day, and there were no more rabbits.

g.  This tree died.

If you can complete these exercises, congratulations! You are well on your way to mastering the most commonly used characters in Chinese. Once you're ready for more, come back and try Lesson 7!