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—Nikolai Galkin, United Nations

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Stepping Stones Lesson Eight

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1. Translate the following sentences from Chinese into English.

a.  从前有一条龙叫土龙。

b.  龙很不喜欢叶公。

c.  龙家里到处都画着人。

d.  天上的人不喜欢天下的人。

e.  人人都听说过龙。

f.  人一出现在前面,龙就吓的不会动了。

g. 龙大,人小。

2. Translate the following sentences from English to Chinese:

a.  His name is Duke Ye.

b.  I very much dislike dragons.

c.  There are many paintings in my home.

d.  People can’t get up to Heaven.

e.  I was so scared that my face went completely white.

f.  I have never heard of dragons.

g.  Dragons are really great.

If you can complete these exercises, congratulations! You are well on your way to mastering the most commonly used characters in Chinese. Once you're ready for more, come back and try Lesson 9!