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—Nikolai Galkin, United Nations

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Stepping Stones Lesson Nine

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1. Translate the following sentences from Chinese into English.

a.  孔融聪明过人!

b.  孔融难倒了我。

c.  当着大官说孔融。

d.  以牙还牙不是很聪明的。

e.  大官小时不怎么聪明。

f.  大官长大以后便聪明过人 。

g.  大官大,孔融小。

2. Translate the following sentences from English to Chinese:

a.  After he grows up he won’t necessarily be a good person.

b.  People with a good education won’t go tooth for a tooth.

c.  Facing Kong Rong, the high official talked about smart people.

d.  You can’t stump me!

e.  When I was little, I wasn’t too bright.

f.  A tooth for a tooth is not good.

g.  High Officials aren’t necessarily that smart.

If you can complete these exercises, congratulations! You are well on your way to mastering the most commonly used characters in Chinese. Once you're ready for more, come back and try Lesson 10!