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—Nikolai Galkin, United Nations

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Stepping Stones Lesson Ten

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1. Translate the following sentences from Chinese into English.

a.  一匹深解马事的老马。

b.  我没发回来。

c.  我不认识路。

d.  一天,大家都跑到塞翁的家来道喜。

e.  塞翁深解人事。

f.  我不相信你说的 。

g.  不知什么原因,塞翁的儿子不养马了。

h.  邻居们不见得是好人。

2. Translate the following sentences from English to Chinese:

a.  After a few days, the son returned.

b.  This isn’t necessarily a happy event.

c.  The neighbors all felt bad for the son.

d.  Do you believe me?

e.  The horse often ran to and fro.

f.  This might be a blessing in disguise..

g.  The barbarians all rear horses.

h.  The Old Frontiersman often went out to ride horses.

If you can complete these exercises, congratulations! You are well on your way to mastering the most commonly used characters in Chinese. Once you're ready for more, come back and try Lesson 11!